Numeracy is a vital component of our curriculum at Mandama Primary School. It is our goal to develop and nurture student’s knowledge in Numeracy by preparing them for real-life situations (current and future) and problem solving strategies. At Mandama, Numeracy lessons are taught a minimum of five hours per week whereby we have a whole school approach to our numeracy lesson structure.
The structure of our lessons, consist of four purposeful areas:

  • Warm up (purpose to engage and create enthusiasm amongst students).
  • Introduction (purpose to identify and articulate the mathematics including student learning intentions).
  • Activity (purpose for explicit teaching whereby close monitoring and questioning is utilised to maximise the development of student learning).
  • Reflection (purpose of gathering evidence of student learning).

Lesson content is driven by gathering student data through formal testing and the use of pre and post assessments.

To further enhance our Numeracy program, students are involved in Numeracy Week and whole school numeracy multi-age events.

Mandama Primary School is well resourced with tools to assist teaching and learning Numeracy, such as:

  • Maths essentials tubs in every classroom.
  • Concrete manipulatives.
  • Computer technology.
  • Optional ‘Mathsonline Program’ for students to further develop their skills at home.

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