Discovery Time

Discovery Time:

For 2-3 hours per week students and teachers participate in Discovery Time sessions allowing students to “explore” and “discover” new things. Our teachers plan in teams to ensure our topics are child interest centred with students working to achieve their goals through the assistance of teachers. Tasks children participate in are innovative, exciting, challenging and linked to real-life. During each topic students attend a related incursion, excursion or camp to further extend their learning. Discovery Time topics are implemented across the school in a sequential manner following the guidelines stated in the National Curriculum documents AusVELS.

Topics include:

  • Preps – Me
  • Grade 1 – Lifecycles
  • Grade 2 – Then and Now
  • Grade 3 – What is Australia?
  • Grade 4 – Health is wellbeing
  • Grade 5 – Resilience
  • Grade 6 – Leadership

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